Reflections [2013]

Reflections ranges from soft, gentle melodies to sharp heavy-metal topics, exhibiting a great variety of styles and composing solutions. Its beginning is somewhat aggressive - it is also sustained by 'industrial' electronic creations, while the second track introduces more classical/epic themes (except for the instrumental intrusion in the ending). Then, after a curious introduction, hard matters are followed by technical guitar-drums passages. The 4th track wildly returns on classical landscapes, the 5th is an instrumental composition where fascinating harmonic experiments take place. The next step is a very epic-metal chapter, introduced by a choir execution. Another one song exists, but nothing should be disclosed about it!
The album includes the participation of keyboardist Larsen Premoli, popular in Italy for have played in Pino Scotto's band Fire Trails.

Reflections was published in November 2013 by Musea.


  1. Doom Against True Hell [4:33]
  2. My Kingdom For A Horse [4:06]
  3. The Moor Of Venice [4:58]
  4. Fight [4:49]
  5. Thunderlight [4:12]
  6. Last Call [6:13]
  7. Feel The Essence Of Blues [4:23]


  • Marco Cantoni - Lead vocals
  • Antonio Rubuano - Guitars
  • Paolo Musazzi - Guitars, synth programming in track #1
  • Cesare Ferrari - Bass guitars
  • Paolo Biocchi - Drums
  • Davide De Stefano - Backing vocals, lead vocals in track #7
  • Larsen Premoli - Keyboards
  • Maddalena Musazzi - Violin in track #4 and #5
  • Evelyn Iuliano - Backing vocals

  • All songs written by Marco Cantoni, Antonio Rubuano and Paolo Musazzi.
    Lyrics by Marco Cantoni; arrangements by Antonio Rubuano and Paolo Musazzi.
    Recorded during March 2013 in the RecLab Studios - Largo Brugnatelli 13/6, Buccinasco (MI) ITALY.
    Sound engineers: Larsen Premoli and Matteo Bolzoni.

    Cover artwork by Franco Rivolli.