Pictures [2015]

During the 20th century technology changed the world and the musical arts. Music production has been strongly influenced by the progresses of the electronic devices' industry: sounds became "big", frequency-overfilled, distorted, progressively more and more artificial than the old voice of acoustic instruments.
Also, Western classical music have been involved with this new technological environment as well, perhaps with lesser extent than popular music.
Evolving and remarking the multicolored line traced by the first album, this second full-lenght have been shaped by our great passion for the old masterpieces and for the current innovations. It strolls about classical music and free use of latest technologies.

Pictures was published on 03-31-2015 by Bakerteam.


  1. Cyrax [5:05]
  2. The 7th Seal [5:59]
  3. Cockroach [3:43]
  4. These Greenvalleys [4:11]
  5. Oedipus Rex [4:06]
  6. Shine Through Darkness - pt. 1 [7:22]
  7. Shine Through Darkness - pt. 2 [3:36]
  8. Shine Through Darkness - pt. 3 [3:39]
  9. Phunkrax [2:55] (bonus)


  • Marco Cantoni - Lead vocals
  • Filippo Ferrari - Guitars
  • Paolo Musazzi - Guitars, synth programming
  • Cesare Ferrari - Bass guitar
  • Lorenzo Beltrami - Drums
  • Larsen Premoli - Keyboards
  • Gianmarco Giuseppe Andreoli - Violin
  • Giacomo Molteni - Cello
  • Evelyn Iuliano - Lead and backing vocals
  • Viola Barinotti - Backing vocals
  • Antonio Pecere - Backing vocals
  • Claudia Pinzello - Backing vocals
  • Cristina Paschina - Backing vocals

  • Lyrics by Marco Cantoni. Music by Paolo Musazzi and Marco Cantoni, with the exception of Phunkrax which is by Filippo Ferrari.
    Recorded during summer 2014 in the RecLab Studios - Largo Brugnatelli 13/6, Buccinasco (MI) ITALY.
    Sound engineers: Larsen Premoli and Matteo Bolzoni.

    Cover artwork by Pierre-Alain D. (3mmi Design).