Marco Cantoni   [2012-present]

Marco was born in 1987 and he is the singer. Marco started working on his vocal technique when he was 16. He attended modern singing courses at CPM in Milan and in 2010 he began deepening classical repertoires.
Marco is also the author of the band's music videos.
Through the years he has been the frontman of many groups, including Stonecutters, Eyes 'N'Lips, Stray Side and Last Call. At present time he sings for both CYRAX and Shivers Addiction, with whom he recorded the album Choose Your Prison [Revalve Records, 2015].

Lorenzo Beltrami   [2014-present]

Lorenzo was born in 1994 and he is the drummer. Lorenzo started studying drums and percussions when he was 12. He has been instructed by several teachers in the Leffe's music school and its orchestra. It 2008 he founded his first band, The Templar's Sword. At present time he cooperates with various symphonic orchestras and he also teaches percussions. His style is influenced by various drummers involved in the Italian progressive music scene.
Lorenzo's instrumentation includes DS Drumsound's Rebel Hybrid Maple, Dream Cymbals and DW 500 double pedal.

Giuseppe Corcella   [2016-present]

Giuseppe was born in 1992 and he plays keyboard and piano. He begun studying piano when he was 13; between 2005 and 2012 he concentrated on classical repertoire with several teachers. At the age of 15 he started studying acoustic guitar. In 2012 he took piano lessons at the Institude of Higher Musical Studies in Cremona. In the same year he joined Nightraven as keyboardist. After Nightraven's dissolution, in September 2013 he founded Acoustic Rhapsody, where he plays guitars. Acoustic Rhapsody is an acoustic duo (currently in activity) that published the first EP in may 2015. In june 2015 he joined CYRAX. Meanwhile, he's working on his solo projects as composer.
Giuseppe's instrumentation includes Yamaha MOXF8 and M-Audio Oxygen 61.

Past members

Antonio Rubuano   [2012-2013]

Antonio was born in 1992 and he plays electric guitars. His great talent initially grew under the guidance of Gianfranco Fichera Cogliandro; later he refined his technique with Nuzzolese, Maggi and Mussida. He has been the guitar of Dreamin'Time, Sunecage and some other bands in Messina area. Antonio spontaneously left CYRAX in 2013 after having provided a huge contribution to the production of Reflections.

Cesare Ferrari   [2012-2015]

Cesare was born in 1985 and he plays bass guitars. He performed hard rock and metal with Blindness, Garden Of Madness, Rapid Fire, Pi Red Project, Ghost Opera (Kamelot tribute band), Eruption and Gravita. In addition, he cooperated with studio-projects Dark Alice, Veritas and Gastrico, and focused his interests on music theory as well. His contribution to both Reflections and Pictures also comprehends technical support to the recordings of choir elements and the making of videos. He is the author of many of the band's official photos.

Paolo Musazzi   [2012-2015]

Paolo was born in 1987 and he plays classical and electric guitars. He took classical guitar lessons with Marcos Vinicius and deepened music theory with Massimo Graziato; anyhow, he never stopped studying. Paolo also works on sound synthesis and uses the pseudonym paulmall. Paolo was former member of Octoblues and Existence; he appeared in various guitar recitals and other concerts in Milan area.

Studio guests

Simone Premoli

Also known as Larsen Premoli.
Simone has been involved in both Reflections and Pictures .

Davide De Stefano

Davide was born in 1992 and he is a singer. He was the voice of Dreamin'Time, Sunecage and various bands in Messina area.
Davide has been involved in Reflections recordings.

Paolo Biocchi

Paolo was born in 1988 and he plays drums and percussions. He studied with Federico Paulovich and he has been the drummer of Breakdown up to 2012. He is currently working on his own projects.
Paolo has been involved in Reflections recordings.

Filippo Ferrari

Filippo was born in 1991 and he plays electric guitars. He took guitar lessons at RGA under the guidance of Donato Begotti. He was member of Garden Of Madness and frequently cooperated with May Fever. In 2013 he founded Gravita, the continuation of May Fever. At present time he is touring with Alzamantes.
Filippo has been involved in Pictures recordings.

Live guests

Martin V. Chionna
[guitar, 2017 summer tour]

Gianluca Fraschini
[guitar, 2017 summer tour]

Marco Corazza
[bass guitar, 2017 summer tour]

Andrea Orlando
[guitar, 2017 summer tour]

Alessandro Mancuso
[guitar, 2016-2017 winter tour]

Irio Contosta
[guitar, 2016-2017 winter tour]

Lorenzo Mazzucchetti
[bass guitar, 2016-2017 winter tour]